Xsoft Weboffice Business Solution Software

XSoft’s WebOffice is a one stop powerhouse application for all of your online software needs. This is another outstanding concept from the brilliant XSoft Company, makers of the highly efficient online invoicing software XSoft Billing application. XSoft WebOffice lets you work with the latest technology to promote effective solutions and opportunities for your day to day office operation’s needs. You can sign up with the company online for free Web Office application software and eventually upgrade to a paid edition if you wish to, with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.

Having XSoft Solutions WebOffice for your business has a lot of immense advantages. This online application can be accessed anywhere through your computer with a web browser and internet access, no need to have it installed to your individual laptops or desktops. But don’t you worry about your sensitive business information as XSoft WebOffice is very safe and secure. All information provided to the online software is automatically encrypted to prevent data interception from outsiders or hackers. This is made possible through a 128 bit encryption key with SSLs or Secured Socket Layers. Your data is also regularly backed up across secure locations.

XSoft Solutions WebOffice is very reliable as it is disaster proof, ensuring data recovery from the most advanced data centers. And in case you are worried about data installation, XSoft WebOffice has a very user friendly interface that is quick and easy to learn. This means faster work progress for you, your coworkers, clients and vendors across your business. Faster due to an easy configure system option via web based administration modules. As an administrator, you have full access to organize and configure your system to your business needs. This includes permissions to different modules and control over creating staff members among many other things.

XSoft Solutions WebOffice also allows you to personalize your user interface by adding your own business logo on it. By now you should already be just a little more curious with the features of XSoft WebOffice. Well, one of them is an SMS or Short Message Service feature which allows you to send email messages from Web Office to cell phones. Another is a Forum Manager which lets you exchange suggestions, information and ideas with your entire office.

But that’s not all, XSoft WebOffice also gives you access to all your contacts, emails, phone and client information through a contact list. XSoft WebOffice also provides you with an online calendar that keeps you organized and on time for your busy schedule. XSoft WebOffice’s powerful web based task manager allows you to manage your personal and professional projects in a breeze. You won’t have to worry about uploading and altering your important documents, folders and files again with XSoft WebOffice’s online document manager. All these and more is what you get with XSoft’s trusty WebOffice online software application.